We have considerable experience in the manufacturing of ‘drum thickener’ de-watering systems for the sewage treatment industry.

A drum thickener collects treated sludge, ie. mixed liquid and solid waste, which passes on to the internal surface of a stainless steel wedge wire drum The rotation of the drum allows free water to pass through the wedge wire whilst confining the solids to the face of the drum and pushing them to the discharge end where they are further de-watered before being discharged into a hopper.

Drum thickeners consist of...

  • Wedge wire drum
  • Sludge hopper
  • Feed and base pans
  • Covers
  • Internal and external spray bars

We can supply drum thickeners as parts or complete assemblies.

Stainless steel frame C/W drum en-route to site
Drum thickener: internal view
316 stainless steel wedge wire drum