Metal folding service

Ben | 26th June 2019

An important part of manufacturing sheet metal products is the process of sheet metal folding. C&S has invested heavily in two Amanda hydraulic press brakes capable of folding materials from 0.5mm to 30mm thick. With a maximum length of 4000mm per fold and a limit of 220 tonnes per fold, C&S are able to take on any project, large or small.

With years of experience folding sheet metal and a large tooling library, C&S Fabrications can fold metal to almost any required radius and angle depending on the thickness and material properties. To compliment folding, extra options are also available including the addition of a hem / safety edge on sheet metal products. A safety edge or Dutch fold is the art of folding sheet metal back to almost 360 degrees with almost a zero bend radius to remove the sharp edge around a sheet / panel. Safety edges can be added to metal panels up to 2mm thick with a maximum length of 4000mm.

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