History of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Metalwork is an ancient art, it can be traced back to prehistoric times (fourth-fifth millennium BC). The ancient Egyptians used the art of sheet metal fabrication to produce stunning gold and silver jewellery. Gold and silver would be hammered with

Zerma Granulator Screens and Consumables

With over a 10 years of experience in the recycling industry, we are able to offer competitive prices and lead times on all replacement granulator screens for Zerma machines. We understand that downtime is expensive so our team will work

Metal folding service

An important part of manufacturing sheet metal products is the process of sheet metal folding. C&S has invested heavily in two Amanda hydraulic press brakes capable of folding materials from 0.5mm to 30mm thick. With a maximum length of 4000mm

Perforated Steel Sheet

Perforated steel sheet has become increasingly popular in architectural and industrial applications due to its lost cost and robustness. C&S stocks and manufactures perforated steel sheets in a variety of material grades and thicknesses. Perforated sheet metal from C&S Fabrications

C&S Invests in Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has become more and more popular in recent years due to its accuracy and cost effectiveness. In July 2018, C&S Fabrications invested in a brand new Amanda state of the art Ensis 3KW fibre laser. As one of

Perforated Sieves and Filters

Perforated sieves and filters are an essential component in the waste and water treatment industries. Perforated sieves and filters are available in many different forms including cylinders and cones and vary in hole apertures. C&S Fabrications is experienced in producing

Perforated Metal Panels

Metal Rolling with holes in

Our investment in state of the art Amada CNC Punch Press machines ensures our perforated metal panels are manufactured to the highest quality whilst adhering to the tightest of tolerances and standards. We are ISO 9001 certified and are one

Eldan Granulator Screens

C&S Fabrications are renowned for manufacturing replacement Eldan granulator and shredder screens to fit a range of machine types. Size reduction screens are manufactured from a range of materials to ensure screens are affordable and long lasting. Replacement eldan screens

Perforated aluminium sheet

Perforated aluminium sheets are fully manufactured and supplied by C&S Fabrications to ensure fast lead times and low prices. If you’re in the design or architectural sectors, perforated aluminium panelling and sheeting is ideal for large or small scale projects