Eldan Granulator Screens

Ben | 24th May 2019

C&S Fabrications are renowned for manufacturing replacement Eldan granulator and shredder screens to fit a range of machine types. Size reduction screens are manufactured from a range of materials to ensure screens are affordable and long lasting.

Replacement eldan screens include…

  • Eldan 1500
  • Eldan HG 162
  • Eldan HR 122
  • Eldan 1200 Greaser
  • Eldan 952
  • Eldan rasper
  • Eldan FG 1500
  • Eldan HR 122T
  • Eldan HG 169
  • Eldan HG 209

An in-house laser cutter means C&S Fabrications are also able to manufacture machine knives, blades and wear plates for Eldan granulator and shredder machines.

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