Perforated Fly & Insect Mesh

Fly mesh is used in buildings and architectural projects to prevent insects such as flies entering a building or roof. C&S Fabrications are able to manufacture insect mesh in a range of different materials or thicknesses with hole diameters ranging from 2mm diameter holes up to 5mm diameter for larger insects. C&S also manufacture perforated vermin mesh with larger holes sizes of 6.35mm diameter for mice and 9.5mm diameter for rats.

Perforated mesh is available in a range of different materials such as Mild Steel and aluminium for a cost effective solution, or stainless and galvanised steel where corrosion resistance is required in damp areas.

Fly and vermin mesh is mostly used in areas where hygiene is important such as food processing plants, restaurants, bakeries, hotels and pub kitchens.

Perforated panels by C&S Fabrications are manufactured in house, and are made to fit.

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